Why are we in business?

Trademark Corporation was founded in 1998 in Miami Florida.  Miami was chosen because it is the gateway to the Americas.  This strategic location enabled us to successfully participate in numerous ventures.  Today, our company trades a number of products in different industries.  Our company makes use of its location in Miami to act as a bridge for goods exported to South America from Asia and also for products exported from South America to the rest of the world.

Today, we are a leader in the resale of telecommunication technology equipment.  We offer a solution for all your network operation center (NOC) requirements.  We provide UPS, routers, servers, switches, voice and data monitoring software.  We also act as your outsourced partner for your NOC requirements.  Let us run and manage your NOC.

Trademark helps Latin American exporters find markets throughout the world.  We have successfully conducted deals in crude oil, bunker oil, steel scrap, PET waste bottles, to name a few.  In addition we have also brought together business partners in China and Latin America to introduce Chilean Wine to China.

Trademark was established originally to provide reliable, low cost power protection for today’s computers users. Over the years it has evolved into a consulting company to help you manage your business.  The company’s management team has an average of ten years experience in international trade and product distribution.

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What do we actually do?

Trademark matches demand with supply for goods and services worldwide. Leveraging our extensive worldwide business network, we can identify demands in one part of the world and fulfill that demand by supplying from another part of the world quickly and efficiently.  The key being quickly and efficiently.  Differentiating ourselves from other trading companies is our entrepreneurial sprit of identifying demand and being able to provide the supply, focusing on a beneficial outcome for all participants.

In most of our business deals we do not only facilitate the transaction, but we also add value by bringing our technical and financial expertise to the table.

In the internet age of today, information is freely available, but ultimately business transactions are dependant on people.  That is why we build our business on people.