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An innovative worldwide, distributor of Computer and Consumer Electronics.

We match competitive pricing and stay focused on helping our customers bring new products to the market. While leveraging our extensive worldwide business network, not only do we deliver high-grade products through unprecedented customer service, we also operate quickly and efficiently.

We believe our exclusive experience and versatility combined with the distinguished products and services meet our customers’ time-to-market or time-to-sell needs. We offer sought after brands and lesser known value products that are equal in quality and performance but at a much more affordable pricing.

Our 20+ years commitment to the electronics distribution industry makes us a valued and trusted partner with a solid reputation for quality, integrity and reliability. We are located in Miami Florida the hub of Latin American business. From this strategic location, our 40.000 square feet facility support our customers every logistic need.



marco Tel. 305. 4719046 Ext.146 Mobile. 305.778.3386

Marco Volpato

Sales Director
tomas Tel. 305.471.9046 Ext. 201 Mobile. 305.926.9284

Tomas Medina

Sales Representative
rolando Tel. 305.471.9046 Ext. 406 Fax. 305.471.6993

Rolando Barrientos

General Manager
vanessa Tel. 305.421.8964 Ext. 106 Fax. 305.471.6993

Vanessa Aveiga

Accounting Department
chava - Mobile. 305.725.1191

Eddy Chavarria

Warehouse Manager